Pasta with mixed veggies

This is a combination of whole wheat penne pasta, chopped carrots, pinto beans, fresh green beans, portabella mushrooms, kale, and sliced bell pepper. I made the penne in a big batch for the week, boiling it for maybe 11 minutes on the stove top in a big pot. The pinto beans can be acquired from Whole Foods with almost no salt in either a box or a can. I put the kale (after chopping it up), the mushrooms, and the red and yellow bell peppers (after slicing them up) in a big pot of water and boiled them about 20 minutes. The carrots and green beans were both fresh. I chopped the carrots and microwaved them in water for 8 minutes. The green beans only needed 3 minutes in the microwave, again I microwaved them in water. This is the kind of meal I really feel good about because of the variety of flavors and nutrients included.


  1. I'm proud to be your first follower. Looks delicious -- of course, at my age, having given up just about every other vice known to man, I would probably add chicken. You are just too darn healthy! My blog has almost come to a stop with too much else demanding time.

  2. By the way, I suspect it is good to have the "Prove your not a robot thing" for comments but they drive me nuts. They can be really tough sometimes and scare the pants off me that I might not be able to prove I'm not a robot. What then?

  3. B&B, the chicken is a great idea. I will try to work in some meatless chicken one of these days. ... and what's so bad about being a robot?